English language – Grasping GASPP analysis Q1/2

The most vital part of any paper one essay, the GASPP(M) analysis.

These are your large scale concepts.

  • Genre 
  • Audience
  • Subject
  • Producer
  • Purpose
  • Mode – I’ll come to that later

To accurately asses the representation of a text you need to consider whether the text is a newspaper, blog post, forum, or a conversation. You then should emphasise the audience and their level of intelligence – this can be linked to audience positioning, whether the producer presents themselves as more or less intelligent or equal to the audience. You should also briefly describe the subject, as this will almost certainly affect how language is used to create representations. Finally, consider whether the purpose of the text is to inform, entertain, persuade, etc. you could link this to the subject and genre.

To practice:

  1. Analyse how text A uses language to create meanings and representations

ANT and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway was hit by fix claims — after a contestant gave the wrong answer but won the star prize.

Window cleaner Neil Scott was told they had to accept his first answer in their Win the Ads contest.

Saturday Night Takeaway has been hit by fix claims after a contestant won despite giving the wrong answer

But after he gave the wrong answer to the final question, he quickly changed his mind.

Dec, 41, had asked him in which hand the Statue of Liberty held her torch.

Neil, 49, hesitated before saying: “I’m going to say left, I haven’t got a clue.”

Dec speaks over Neil to give the right answer and says he didn’t want to finish the series on a loser

Neil was asked which hand the Statue of Liberty holds the torch in

After the live audience audibly groaned, Ant asked him: “You’re going to say what?”

Neil said: “Right. I’m going to say right.” Dec then shouted: “That’s the right answer!” before Ant added: “I’m not finishing the series on a loser, believe me.”

Neil won a luxury holiday to Mexico, a new £20,000 Vauxhall Mokka and a home makeover.

Viewers were disappointed with Neil’s win

But two weeks ago contestant Joy Norman got a question wrong and lost her haul.

Viewers were disappointed Neil had been allowed to win.

An example introduction to the question using GASPP analysis:
Text A is written in the form of an online article, for an audience who watch the show Saturday Night Takeaway, the fact that it is written for an online article suggests the reader may lack intelligence, or may enjoy gossip. The article is about a false win on the television show due to an incorrect answer by the participant. The fact that there are a high amount of pictures, and a low word density gives way to the idea that the article is supposed to be entertaining as well as informative. The producer positions themselves above the audience as they are informing them of an event that the reader does not yet know about. 


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