English language paper one – mode analysis

The mode continuum, used to asses whether language is spoken or written or a hybrid of both, due to its spoken and written features and your ability to analyse them   SPOKEN WRITTEN Non-technical Technical Informal Formal Personal Impersonal Non-standard Standard Context dependent Context free Socially constructed Message orientated Ephermal Permanent Spontaneous Planned Face to… Continue reading English language paper one – mode analysis


Russian history – 1917 – dissent and the Feb revolution

The Tsar Nicholas II ruled with divine right, and had absolute power over the country. The Duma was, therefore, weak and had little control over Russia. The Provisional Government had two main weaknesses; It was unsure of its own legitimacy and authority It was not elected, and so believed that it could not make any… Continue reading Russian history – 1917 – dissent and the Feb revolution

British history – essay plan

'Pitt successfully dealt with the challenge of radicalism in the years 1783 to 1801' Explain why you agree AND disagree with this view AGREE: By 1783 - desperately needed someone to restore national confidence, by 1784 Pitt had successfully gained the confidence of the country through his loyalty to his role He had several issues… Continue reading British history – essay plan

English language – Grasping GASPP analysis Q1/2

The most vital part of any paper one essay, the GASPP(M) analysis. These are your large scale concepts. GenreĀ  Audience Subject Producer Purpose Mode - I'll come to that later To accurately asses the representation of a text you need to consider whether the text is a newspaper, blog post, forum, or a conversation. You… Continue reading English language – Grasping GASPP analysis Q1/2

Russian history ~ an introduction

Unit 2N For me, Russian history is my depth paper, the paper that requires a lot of knowledge over a short span of time. Personally, this is my favourite of the two history papers, and is the most interesting and easiest to revise for. The start of the course looks at the Tsar Nicholas II… Continue reading Russian history ~ an introduction

English Language ~ paper one introduction

In paper one you will look at text representations. You will receive two texts and three questions: Analyse how text A uses language to create meanings and representations [25 marks] Analyse how text B uses language to create meanings and representationsĀ [25 marks] Compare and contrast text A and text B, showing ways in which they… Continue reading English Language ~ paper one introduction