English language paper one – mode analysis

The mode continuum, used to asses whether language is spoken or written or a hybrid of both, due to its spoken and written features and your ability to analyse them   SPOKEN WRITTEN Non-technical Technical Informal Formal Personal Impersonal Non-standard Standard Context dependent Context free Socially constructed Message orientated Ephermal Permanent Spontaneous Planned Face to… Continue reading English language paper one – mode analysis


English language – Grasping GASPP analysis Q1/2

The most vital part of any paper one essay, the GASPP(M) analysis. These are your large scale concepts. GenreĀ  Audience Subject Producer Purpose Mode - I'll come to that later To accurately asses the representation of a text you need to consider whether the text is a newspaper, blog post, forum, or a conversation. You… Continue reading English language – Grasping GASPP analysis Q1/2

English Language ~ paper one introduction

In paper one you will look at text representations. You will receive two texts and three questions: Analyse how text A uses language to create meanings and representations [25 marks] Analyse how text B uses language to create meanings and representationsĀ [25 marks] Compare and contrast text A and text B, showing ways in which they… Continue reading English Language ~ paper one introduction